About Me

A young Real Estate agent with one thing in mind. Making sure that you get the best deal that you can possibly get in every way shape and form. Willing to go as far as being there while your house is being inspected, he shows a love and devotion for the work that he does. He does his own personal marketing for any listing. Having an agent who stands with you from the beginning till the very end is the most ideal to have in this market right now and this young man will offer you the best in service as he’s always done for everyone of his clients

Whether it’s listing your house. They will be seen by the many followers that he has which are potential buys. You can also find his listing here on olievieroismyhero.com riddled with the information that will best help getting your house in front of potential offers.

Oliviero sold 4 houses in 2017 and 6 already in the few months of 2018 and he’s ready to sell your home you can make and appointment with him today by email at Olivierolopes@Remax.Net or by phone at 508-521-4046 or 508-857-5392